Suit Filed Regarding Project Environmental Document

On May 15, Caltrans received unofficial word that a suit was filed regarding the 197/199 Safe STAA Access Project environmental document. Caltrans has been officially served, and it is Caltrans’ policy not to comment on pending litigation.

This project will enable STAA trucks to safely access Routes 199 and 197 by doing minimal improvements to seven spot locations, areas known for their narrow shoulders, and narrow lanes. Improvements will be made to site distances, curves, and will include replacement of the Middle Fork Smith River Bridge. By increasing lane sizes from 10 foot lanes to 12 foot lanes, the project will benefit all users of these highways.

We invite you to view the final environmental document for this project and to learn more about the care that has gone into the environmental analysis for this project—a project which strives to minimize any environmental impacts while also engineering the safest highway possible.

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