California Transportation Commission Approves Funding for Del Norte Project

Middle Fork Smith River Bridge Replacement

Artist’s simulation of the Middle Fork Smith River Bridge Replacement on Route 199 in Del Norte County as part of the 197/199 Safe STAA Access project.

In a unanimous vote on August 6, the California Transportation Commission (CTC) announced the allocation of $14.9 million to a project on Route 199 in Del Norte County that will realign and widen a portion of the highway known as the “Patrick Creek Narrows” near Gasquet. The project will also replace the nearby Middle Fork Smith River Bridge.

The Patrick Creek Narrows Project is administered by Caltrans in partnership with the Del Norte Local Transportation Commission, and is the first of a series of proposed projects in Del Norte County intended to deliver safety-enhancements that will improve drivability for all highway users, while also improving area access for industry-standard trucks compliant with the 1982 Federal Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA). The Route 199 corridor is not presently designated an official STAA accessible route.

“The allocation of funding for this project is a step in the right direction in terms of improving access and safety to this segment of Route 199 in Del Norte County and the North Coast. All users of the highway will benefit, and it is an important first step in providing industry-standard trucking access to the coast,” said District 1 Director Charlie Fielder.

“We have a great team that has really done a fantastic job of delivering this much needed project.  This project not only has the smallest possible environmental footprint while providing safe STAA access, but will replace an 88 year old arch bridge with a beautiful new arched bridge that will be a landmark for the next several generations,” said Kevin Church, Caltrans Project Manager.

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